Public debt and inflation incentives

“Time Consistency of Fiscal and Monetary Policy: A Solution” (with Mats Persson and Torsten Persson, Institute for International Economic Studies), Aug 2005, Econometrica 74 (2006) 193-212, PDFAbstractMatlab programs
The line: Time consistency of optimal fiscal and monetary policy is possible after all, counter to the impression left by Lucas and Stokey (1983), Calvo and Obstfeld (1990), and Alvarez, Kehoe, and Neumeyer (2004).
Working paper version, with numerical examples, Oct 2004, PDFMatlab programs

“Debt, Cash Flow and Inflation Incentives: A Swedish Example” (with Mats Persson and Torsten Persson), in G. Calvo and M. King, eds., The Debt Burden and its Consequences for Monetary Policy, London, Macmillan, 1998, 28-62, PDF (0.3 MB). Abstract.

“Kan man inflatera bort budgetunderskottet?” (“Can One Inflate Away the Budget Deficit?” in Swedish, with Mats Persson and Torsten Persson), in Ekonomisk politik: En vänbok till Assar LindbeckSNS, Stockholm, 1995.