Graduate Lectures on Practical Monetary Policy, Spring 2012

Monetary Economics (2nd year Ph.D. course, Uppsala University and the Riksbank) (joint with Nils Gottfries, Uppsala University, and Johan Söderberg, Stockholm University)

Two lectures on Practical Monetary Policy by Lars E.O. Svensson on Wednesday, May 16, and Monday, May 21, both at 14:15-17 in room Vasa, floor 12 at the Riksbank.

The main readings for these lectures course are Svensson (2012b, 2011c), Ingves (2011), Flodén (2011), Svensson (2012c), Woodford (2012), and Svensson (2012a). The topics covered will be the theory and practice of inflation targeting, the possibility of a non-vertical long-run Phillips curve, a comparison of monetary policy in the summer and fall of 2010 in Sweden and the US, and the ongoing debate on the relation between monetary policy and financial policy (policy for financial stability, macro-prudential policy).

Students not familiar with the Riksbank minutes and other material from the monetary policy meetings may want to check out Sveriges Riksbank (2012).

Lecture notes will be available here, for downloading hopefully before each lecture)

Readings: (* denotes required reading)

Adolfson, Malin, Stefan Laséen, Jesper Lindé, and Lars E.O. Svensson (2011), “Optimal Monetary Policy in an Operational Medium-Sized DSGE Model,” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking  43, 1287-1331. PDF.

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Finansinspektionen (the Swedish FSA) (2012), “The Swedish Mortgage Market,” March 2012, English Swedish.

*Flodén, Martin (2011), “Comments on Ingves, ‘Flexible Inflation Targeting in Theory and Practice’,” (in Swedish) Ekonomisk Debatt 39(6) 80-86. Swedish.

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