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Commentary on Monetary Policy and Financial Stability

“Commentary on Monetary Policy and Financial Stability” (slides), presented at “Challenges to Financial Stability in a Low Interest Rate World,” Annual International Journal of Central Banking Research Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, November 21-22, 2016.

Published as “Leaning Against the Wind: Costs and Benefits, Effects on Debt, Leaning in DSGE Models, and a Framework for Comparison of Results,” International Journal of Central Banking 13 (September 2017) 385-408.

FOMC minutes: Costs of leaning against the wind typically outweigh benefits

FOMC April 26-27 minutes on the relationship between monetary policy and financial stability (pp. 2-3):

Most participants judged that the benefits of using monetary policy to address threats to financial stability would typically be outweighed by the costs associated with deviations from the Committee’s employment and price-stability objectives induced by such actions; some also noted that the benefits are highly uncertain.